3D Projection Mapping in Disguise

FOW disguise d3 designer

Reconstructing an old 3D projection mapping show in Disguise d3.

Keeping busy by comparing projection mapping methods after rebuilding the show in d3 Designer. In addition to projecting the bespoke content created for the show, after reconstructing the UV maps in Blender, any content can be projected onto the custom stage in either flat or perspective projection using the different mapping types in Disguise.

April 2020

Media Server Dongles - Modulo, Notch, Watchout, Disguise

Media Server Dongles - Watchout, Disguise, Modulo, Notch

Dataton Watchout, Disguise Designer, Notch, Modulo Player & Kinetic Designer - my collection of media server dongles keeps growing.

In December 2021, I successfully completed the advanced certification for the Modulo Kinetic software and added a Kinetic Designer dongle to my collection.

In May 2020, I purchased a Learning edition licence for the Notch motion graphics and VFX package.

Also in September 2019, I obtained advanced certification for Modulo Player, and added a Modulo PI dongle to my collection, which allows off-site show programming.

December 2021