Modulo Kinetic 3D Project for the 2023 Red Cross Gala in Monaco

Modulo Kinetic operator for the 2023 edition of the Red Cross Gala event.

Another project with Mediacom in the famous 'Salle des Étoiles' for the 2023 edition of the Red Cross Gala charity gala, in the presence of Prince Albert II of Monaco.

For the first time, instead of the usual video projection, around 360m2 of LED wall were installed in the venue, covering the side walls of the room in addition to a central screen and arch around the stage. 3 Kinetic V-Nodes each drove 2x UHD outputs. More unusually, each V-Node contained a 3D scene to generate all of the visuals of the show, with almost no traditional video media used.

Video content was generated inside the Modulo Kinetic media servers using 3D geometry and animations imported from Cinema 4D. In Kinetic Designer various aspects of the 3D scene - animation speed, camera position and zoom, as well as particle effects - were assigned to variables in order to control them live duriing the show. In addition to colour schemes UV mapped onto the 3D geometry, video capture cards on the V-Nodes made it possible to composite live camera and VJ visuals into the 3D scene.

More details on the Modulo PI web site: