'Mondes et Merveilles' underwater timelapse

Time-remapping and colour-correction of underwater timelapse sequences.

Each year a group of artists from the 13th arrondissement of Paris put on a collective exhibition under the banner “13 en vue” . In 2011, for the theme of “Constructions Utopiques”, 3 artists created a installation in the outdoor pool of the Buttes aux Cailles public swimming pool. “Mondes et Merveilles”, a map of the continents made from fabric, was suspended underwater. Moving with the currents, this imaginary map reflected the movements of the continental plates and represented the "ultimate Pangea".

My friend David shot the underwater timelapse sequences, and I handled the post-production.

A short edited sequence, and more information, can be seen on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/matkeane/mondes-et-merveilles