Watchout drives 2013 Christmas tree at Galeries Lafayette

Watchout triggers audio FX for the 2013 Christmas tree at Galeries Lafayette.

December 2013

'Mondes et Merveilles' underwater timelapse

Time-remapping and colour-correction of underwater timelapse sequences.

October 2013

Watchout CreditCoop Mutualité

One-day conference for a highstreet bank at the Maison de la Mutualité in Paris. Live video and PowerPoint inputs managed by Watchout.

October 2013

Watchout Operator for Peugeot Car Launch in Berlin

For a major event in Berlin's Tempelhof airport, Watchout was used for synchronised video playback across 15 metre screens on 3 sides of a custom-built auditorium...

September 2013

Conformation, Stabilization & Colour-correction of RED rushes

Conforming an offline edit into a super-HD (1920x3000px) master for a large-format projection at the Nausicaa marine centre.

July 2013

Video Projection Mapping with Watchout, Grand Palais, Paris

Video mapping project at the Grand Palais, using Watchout to align 2 overlapping displays with 6 video projectors onto a 15x12 metre printed surface.

June 2013