After Effects VFX: Vulcania - Mission Toba

Creation of particle VFX for the Mission Toba attraction at Vulcania theme park.

The attraction features an immersive 3D simulation of the eruption of the Toba volcano, in which visitors fly over the landscape in special gondolas. I was asked to create several 2D animations to be superimposed on the 3D renders for the floor projection. After Effects was used to create particle animations for the clouds, mist, dust and debris effects. The animations were loosely matchmoved to the 3D animations, to increase the parallax effect and create the illusion of greater depth, in order to augment the impression of flying for the visitors.

The animations were rendered at full resolution for 4x HD projectors (4380x1920px) as separate elements which were then aligned with physical ride installations (passenger gondolas) in Watchout.

Production Xlargo:
3D Animations by FullScreen:
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