Display Builder 3.3 Release

Version 3.3.11 of my Display Builder app has been released.

Among the new features are basic support for disguise projector lists and OBJ projection surface objects.


- Display Groups: Added OBJ import for basic 2D planes to define projection surface.
- Exports: Added support for OBJ surface & CSV projector list exports for Disguise D3.
- UI: Moved UI pane to top of window.
- UI: Added Display diagonal dimensions when physical size is set.
- UI: Window resizing deactivated on Windows 10 HiDpi monitors to avoid scaling bug.


- Stage Tier support: Assign groups of Displays to different Stage Tiers and export the Displays in separate files for import to Watchout.
- Preview Displays: Add a 'preview' Display which will attempt to scale to encompass a group of Displays, for single monitor preview of a show.
- Added MPCDI format to export options (for Watchout version 6.4 or later).
- Guide lines & images, as references while laying out Displays.
- Added option to share Player outputs between Display Groups to optimise Player usage.
- Added option to show the offset (pixel and physical spacing) between Display centres.
- Web link button now sends the version number to compare against the latest version of the app.

More information on the Display Builder project page.