Watchout CreditCoop Mutualité

One-day conference for a highstreet bank at the Maison de la Mutualité in Paris. Live video and PowerPoint inputs managed by Watchout.

The main screen, as well as the screens either side, were all managed through one Watchout player. The conference idents and titles were amimated directly in Watchout. Presentations were shown as a live input from Powerpoint using a Datapath capture card. The live video feed, provided by another team, was captured in HD with a Blackmagic SDI card and shown on the side screens as well as in an insert on the main screen.

After presentations and a round-table debate, Benoît Hamon - Junior Minister for the Social Economy at the French Ministry of the Economy - joined the event for a discussion session.

Agence: Paradiso
Client: Crédit Coopératif