Media Server Dongles

Media Server Dongles - Watchout, Modulo, Disguise

My collection of media server dongles has expanded beyond my existing Dataton Watchout dongles!

October 2019

UPW19 Control Desk

Watchout VJ Visuals at London ExCel Centre

A Watchout show with a difference: Sending VJ visuals to LED walls of different sizes and shapes in front of 12000 people at London ExCel Centre.

April 2019

SJMC Vidémus Watchout - mur vidéo

One Billion Watchout Pixels at the SJMC Museum

A record-breaking video installation: 60 Vidémus Watchout players, 77 Datapath FX4, 450 NEC flat screens and 12 BARCO projectors for a total of over one billion pixels.

March 2018

Conditional Layer Utility app

Conditional Layer utility for Watchout

An app in development for managing Watchout conditional layers.

February 2018

Display Builder 3.0.6 interface

Display Builder 3 for Watchout

Version 3 of my Display Builder app for Watchout is now available.

February 2018

Tween Builder app in development

Tween Builder curve editor app for Watchout

A curve editor in development for Watchout animation tweens.

February 2018

Skate Park projection mapping with Watchout

Skate Park Projection Mapping with Watchout

Skate park video projection mapping with Watchout 6.

March 2017


Watchout Operation at EHA2016 Copenhagen

Watchout operation at the EHA2016 medical Conference in Copenhagen.

June 2016

COP21 Paris Site entrance

COP21 Climate Change Conference

Video system installation and live operation for the COP21 Climate Change Conference at Paris Le Bourget.

November 2015

Display Builder v2 Display Utility for Watchout

Version 2 of my Display Builder utility for Watchout is now available, adding several new functions.

October 2015

Viewing a physical grid overlayed on Displays

Display Builder & Watchout 6

Initial tests show that my Display Builder app is compatible with the upcoming Watchout 6 release.

June 2015

REP-TV Mutualité

Watchout REP-TV at the Mutualité

Watchout programming and operation for the REP-TV conference at the Mutualité, Paris.

January 2015