Watchout drives 2013 Christmas tree at Galeries Lafayette

Watchout triggers audio FX for the 2013 Christmas tree at Galeries Lafayette.

Every year, the major department stores in Paris put on spectacular displays of Christmas decorations. For 2013, Galaries Lafayette installed a giant Christmas tree under the dome of their flagship Paris store. Covered in lights, animated marionettes and giant clock faces, the tree came to life every hour for a five minute show.

A watchout player was triggered by DMX commands to playback the audio of the clock chimes for each hour. Although Watchout could also have been used to playback the DMX lighting commands for the show directly, it was decided to use an external DMX recorder to schedule the hourly lighting shows and trigger the Watchout audio playback.

I was responsible for programming and testing the Watchout tasks, as well as recording and scheduling the DMX playback show on the dedicated hardware.

The Christmas tree and lighting show was installed by the company En Attendant.