Dataton Watchout display system

Dataton Watchout is one of the leading software systems for the creation and playback of multimedia shows on multiple displays. It is used for both live events and show control for permanent installations such as museums and visitor attractions.

Working as a freelance, I can be involved in different stages of a Watchout production depending on the project:

  • Content creation (often at resolutions greater than HD),
  • Media encoding and preparation (video compression, image optimisation),
  • Show design and programming (animation and effect configuration),
  • Watchout operator for live events (including system installation and setup),

I have my own Watchout software dongles, which is useful for preparation and testing before the show.

A typical Watchout project may involve animating still images, text, video clips and animations, but it is possible to control multiple timelines, and shows can also integrate live video inputs for advanced picture-in-picture effects. Shows often incorporate several layers of HD, or even higher resolution, video. Watchout can also communicate with other show control systems - emitting or following timecode from sound and lighting systems.

Watchout is perhaps best known for the production of large video walls for multi-channel digital video projections, using multiple video projectors and edge blending to create a large, seamless projections. The display warping function for geometry correction makes it possible to project onto uneven surfaces, while the latest version includes 3D video mapping tools for projection onto complex geometry.

Events Watchout Freelancer

Freelance Watchout operator for live events - conferences, corporate presentations, awards ceremonies and political meetings.

Bank Conference Watchout Show

The bank's annual conference, with all content managed in Watchout, featuring projection mapping onto 3D structures on stage.

Watchout: STEF Convention

After Effects animations, Watchout programming & live operation for the triennial STEF Convention.