Watchout Operator for Peugeot Car Launch in Berlin

For the launch of their new 308 models, Peugeot organised a major event inside the Tempelhof airport in Berlin. Dataton's Watchout software was used for synchronised video playback across 15 metre screens on 3 sides of the custom-built auditorium.

Three dual-output players were used, each mirrored by a backup machine. Multiple audio outputs were used to send a multi-channel audio to the sound desk. The HD video outputs were sent to a Spyder, which was used to switch between Watchout, live video and other graphic sources.

The video equipment - Watchout players, video projectors, cameras and video switcher - and installation was done by Léni France.

I was responsible for operating the Watchout system and encoding some of the supplied media to ensure smooth playback.