Watchout Operation at EHA2016 Copenhagen

Watchout operation at the EHA2016 medical Conference in Copenhagen.

Working with ACS Audiovisual from Amsterdam at one of Europe's largest medical conferences, which attracted over 14 thousand visitors. In the main conference room, a Watchout 6 system with 10 outputs was feeding 5 rgb and 5 luma channels (used for alpha inserts) into an AnalogWay Ascender. The main stage projection used 3 non-overlapping HD projectors, for which content was encoded as 5760x1080 pixel video files using the HAP codec, ensuring smooth playback without the need for Display proxies.

The stage design featured a 'faux 3D' effect, using custom-shaped 2D screens and pre-rendered 3D video content. See more in this Youtube video from ACS: