Al Janadriyah Festival Opening Ceremony

800m2 of LED panels, 500m2 projection, 400 extras on stage, 21 video feeds, multiple Pyro & Water FX, 3 camels, 1 Watchout operator.

Broadcast live on national TV, the 25 minute show was part of the opening ceremony of the 2018 Al Janadriyah Festival, in Riyadh, Saudia Arabia. Video content was shown on an 80 metre wide LED wall at the back of the stage and a 60 metre wide semi-transparent screen in front of the stage. The front screen was covered by 14 soft-edged projectors with a total resolution of 14460x1920px with media files encoded using the HAP codec. A total of 10 Watchout players generated 21 main and backup WUXGA feeds as well as audio and timecode signals to sound and lighting consoles.

Video installation: RedDot, Paris,
Video content: Ki Studios, Paris,
Event production: ComeAndDo