Disguise Operator for Breaking The Waves at the Opéra Comique

3D mapping onto rotating scenery with Disguise for the 'Breaking The Waves' opera.

Created in Glasgow in 2019, the opera 'Breaking the Waves' - inspired by the film by Lars van Trier - arrived at the Théâtre National de l'Opéra Comique in Paris in May 2023. Video is mapped onto the set made of 13 columns - between 2 to 6 metres high - on an 11-metre revolving platform.

The rotation of the set was tracked by a rotary-encoder on the revolve which sent DMX data to the Disguise media-server - a GX2 supplied by Stello Productions - enabling it to map the video content onto the columns as the set rotated. 2 Panasonic PT-RZ21 projectors were configured as dual stack for increased brighness and redundancy.

In addition to installing the video system - projector setup, cailbration of the rotary-encoder and 3D projector lineup - I was responsible for updating the show during rehearsals with changes requested by the director.

Director: Tom Morris
Video designer: Will Duke
Disguise programmer: David Butler.

Video : https://lnkd.in/ea8MX7YU