Modulo Kinetic Operator for the 2022 Bal de la Rose in Monaco

Modulo Kinetic media-server operation for the 2022 Bal de la Rose in Monte Carlo.

Created in 1954 by Princess Grace of Monaco, the 2022 edition of the prestigious Rose Ball at the Salle des Étoiles at the Monte Carlo Sporting was the first to use Modulo Kinetic media servers for video playback and mapping.

A Kinetic Designer workstation controlled 2 Kinetic V-Node servers, with 4 outputs sent to 30K Christie projectors covering the scenery surrounding the stage, 1 sent to a 30K projector covering the stage and 1 sent to 3 LED walls on the stage. The scenery, installed by Marcadé Events, featured decorative panels in 3D relief around 3 sides of the room, covering almost 180 degrees. In addition to managing media playback for each section of the gala show, X-Maps were used to map the projections onto each panel of the scenery in the room, as well as every step of a staircase which was moved on-stage for the finale.

During the after-show DJ set, video content managed by a VJ was sent to a section of the on-stage LED wall and, via a capture card in the V-Nodes, also mapped onto the scenery in the room.

Project showcase: