vMix Video Streaming Projects

Another day, another vMix streaming video project...

Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, vMix has become one of the most popular tools for live streaming video productions. Whether it's for simple streaming of live events, hybrid events or fully digital with all remote participants, I have used vMix in a variety of different configurations:

Digital and hybrid events, using the built-in vMix Call function to bring remote guests into the production. Some projects have also required integration with other video conferencing platforms, including Webex, Teams, & Zoom.

Hybrid events using green-screen studios to integrate on-stage presenters into vMix Virtual Sets. This involves set-design and graphic creation in Blender and After Effects, configuration of vMix Virtual Set files, and the on-set camera line-up in vMix.

Hybrid studio setups, integrated with Dataton Watchout for multi-screen display of live vMix content on the set, showing either digital stage backdrop graphics or remote guests 'virtually' present on-set.

In addition to project setup and programming, I am usually responsible for live-switching vMix sources, live-camera switching or - occasionally - both.