Watchout: Visitor Centre Nazareth

Media creation and show design for a visitor attraction - a 1 hour Watchout show spanning 4 rooms with 30 video projectors.

The main feature of the International Marial Centre in Nazareth is a multimedia show presenting the history of Christianity. Visitors move through 4 rooms, each with a specific decor and projection setup. The show exists in 10 languages, with both the audio voice track and on-screen title media translated. Mechanical & practical effects - moving screens and props - are cued by Watchout while show control is managed by a Crestron. The lighting installation is sychronised using a timecode audio track in Watchout.

Project development began in Paris, with video editing and compression, before moving on-site for the final stages: Integration with the lighting system; Masking; Geometry correction / display warping to adapt the video projection to the physical set design, which was an integral part of the show.

An installation of this scale and complexity required close collaboration with local suppliers and integrators, as well as with the creative team from France:

  • Watchout programming was shared with Agnes D'erceville & Yves Waucampt.
  • Original music composed by Daniel Façerias, and mixed in 7.1 by Yogev Samina.
  • Lighting design and installation by Ofer Brum.

Project photographs courtesy of MdN Productions.