Watchout Utilities

Display Builder 4.2.1 Release

Display Builder 4

Version 4.2.1 of my Display Builder app has been released.

This new version sees Display Builder in its 10th year of development! This release mostly consists of various small fixes and improvements, but it also the first version to be fully compatible with Apple Silicon machines.

More information on the Display Builder app page.

April 2023

Conditional Layer utility for Watchout

Conditional Layer Utility app

An app in development for managing Watchout conditional layers.

Conditional Layers are a handy way to manage layer visibility in Watchout and can also be used for conditional switching of command cues but, with multiple conditions, managing state becomes difficult. The Conditional Layer app is designed to make it easy to switch specific layers, or groups of layers, without affecting the state of other layers and without having to memorise binary notation! Layers can be switched using network commands sent from Watchout, or manually in the user interface.

February 2018