Architectural Video Mapping on Prince's Palace in Monaco

Video mapping with Modulo Kinetic on the Prince's Palace in Monaco for the 3rd Meeting of the Historical Sites of the Grimaldis.

One of the highlights of the festival was an 18 minute audiovisual show projected on the facade of the Prince's Palace. The Kinetic Designer machine controlled 2 Kinetic V-Nodes, each with 6 outputs sent to 6 Christie 30K projectors (with 6 other projectors as live spares).

I was responsible for the 2D mapping alignment on the facade. Using the Modulo Kinetic Warp Remote software, I was able to move closer to the Palace (as close as the Royal Guard would allow me!) using a laptop to remotely control the X-Map warping on the Designer machine.

Media creation: Alexis Gabirot, Mageo Productions.

Project showcase: