Augmented Dance Show VFX and Projection

Video editing, effects and Watchout show programming for an augmented dance show, projected on a 24 metre (6400x1200px) backdrop.

I was part of the team responsible for the creation of two 5-minute dance shows from scratch. Conception, choreography, rehearsals, green-screen shoot with the dancers, VFX, editing were all completed in 2 months.

The sound design, choreography and preview VFX began in parallel, bouncing ideas back and forth. Once the show audio and choreography were approved, we shot the dancers on green-screen in order to integrate their live video into the video backdrop and motion tracking was used to drive the creation of particle, and other, VFX following and interacting with their movements. VFX work was done in After Effects and the individual sequences edited in Premiere.

The Watchout system comprised 2 players (live and backup) with 6 HD outputs (4 projectors, 1 confidence monitor and 1 preview monitor) plus audio timecode output to the lighting desk.

Director: Marc Aubry (Agence Paradiso)
Video Production & Watchout : Matthew Keane
Choreography: K Goldstein
Dancers: Aurelie Loussouarn / Michael Biasi
3D modelling and animation: Geoffrey Kenner
Sound design: Nicolas Titeux
Lighting design: Jerome Claude