Adobe After Effects Animation and VFX software

I am a motion designer and specialist in After Effects - one of the leading animation and visual effects packages for compositing and motion graphic design.

I have worked with the software since version 3.1 and have a good knowledge of its advanced functions, such as 3D animation and expressions. I own and use many of the leading plug-ins, including:

  • The Trapcode suite - Particular, Form, Lux - for particle and lighting effects.
  • VideoCoPilot's Element 3D, for integrating 3D objects in AE. 
  • Motion Boutique's Newton, for 2D physics simulations.
  • The Foundry's Camera Tracker, for 3D tracking and match moving.

Video Idents / BNP Opio

Conference ident motion graphics, incorporating 3D elements and particle animations in After Effects.

Video Idents / BNP Rome 3D

Motion graphics for conference idents, using After Effects to incorporate 3D elements and particle animations.

Conformation, Stabilization & Colour-correction of RED rushes

Conforming an offline edit into a super-HD (1920x3000px) master for a large-format projection at the Nausicaa marine centre.

Consisting primarily of RED footage, with some aerial shots from a Canon 5D MKII, this was a fairly simple After Effects conform to an online master. In addition to titling and colour-correction, some of the shots (aerial footage, wildlife shots using long lenses on a windy beach, and footage onboard boats) required stabilization.

Agence: StudioK, Paris
Client: Nausicaa, Boulogne-sur-mer, France.

July 2013

'Mondes et Merveilles' underwater timelapse

Time-remapping and colour-correction of underwater timelapse sequences.

Each year a group of artists from the 13th arrondissement of Paris put on a collective exhibition under the banner “13 en vue” . In 2011, for the theme of “Constructions Utopiques”, 3 artists created a installation in the outdoor pool of the Buttes aux Cailles public swimming pool. “Mondes et Merveilles”, a map of the continents made from fabric, was suspended underwater. Moving with the currents, this imaginary map reflected the movements of the continental plates and represented the "ultimate Pangea".

October 2013

Watchout: STEF Convention

After Effects animations, Watchout programming & live operation for the triennial STEF Convention.

Video Idents / BNP Talents

Motion graphics in After Effects for conference video idents, incorporating character and particle animations.

Bank Conference Watchout Show

The bank's annual conference, with all content managed in Watchout, featuring projection mapping onto 3D structures on stage.