Project Portfolio

Al Janadriyah 2018

Al Janadriyah Festival Opening Ceremony

800m2 of LED panels, 500m2 projection, 400 extras on stage, 21 video feeds, multiple Pyro & Water FX, 3 camels, 1 Watchout operator.

Video Idents / BNP Talents

Motion graphics in After Effects for conference video idents, incorporating character and particle animations.

Events Watchout Freelancer

Freelance Watchout operator for live events - conferences, corporate presentations, awards ceremonies and political meetings.

Bank Conference Watchout Show

The bank's annual conference, with all content managed in Watchout, featuring projection mapping onto 3D structures on stage.

Watchout: STEF Convention

After Effects animations, Watchout programming & live operation for the triennial STEF Convention.